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Herbal Concentrate Tea - 50g

Herbal Concentrate Tea - 50g
Herbal Concentrate Tea - 50g
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Model: Ultimate Slimming Tea

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Herbal Concentrate Tea:
Ultimate Slimming Tea
Is an exhilarating herbal beverage - with Green Slimming Tea,
that combines ancient herbal wisdom with modern quick instant convenience. 
Your Ultimate turbo charger - is blended from 5 very exciting super fast-acting natural botanicals, which means you will have an instant mouthwatering energising boost to your Herbal life Weight loss Program.

Available for you in 100g or 50g - you will be extremely excited.

These results are not typical. Individual results will vary.

"I lost 33lbs of Fat - amazing for my mind & inch loss"

"Herbalife Herbal Concentrate green slimming tea has definately helped me to lose 33lbs of un-wanted fat" 
Frannie Chong

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