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Radiant C Body Lotion SPF 15

Radiant C Body Lotion SPF 15
Radiant C Body Lotion SPF 15
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Model: Ultimate Body Lotion

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Non-greasy, lightweight moisturiser works for you as a full-body sunscreen.
Leaves your skin feeling smoother, softer & more beautiful.

• Your Body Lotion helps moisturise & soften your skin, while protecting it from the harmful rays of the sun.

• Apply your Body Lotion everyday, especially if you're going outside. Even if it is a cloudy day - you can still attract the harmful rays from the sun.

• The best time to apply your Body Lotion is in the morning & before you go outdoors.

• Your Body Lotion contains Vitamins C & E, Ylang Ylang (which softens & smoothes your skin) as well as orange, lime, lemon, grapefruit & mandarin fruit extracts.

• Your Body Lotion has a fresh amazing citrus scent.


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