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Body Contouring Cream

Body Contouring Cream
Body Contouring Cream
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Model: Ultimate Contouring Cream

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Infused with gingko biloba extract and fruit acids, the Body Contouring Crème increases your skin's firmness, gives better texture and tones your skin in your problem areas. Use the Body Contouring Crème and you will be able to see how the texture of your body skin changes.

Key Benefits:
  • Reduces the bumpiness of dimpled skin
  • Helps you get a better skin tone after weight loss
  • A great second step to a 2-step body care program

Get rid of your issues with dimpled skin with the Body Contouring Crème. Used after the Body Buffing Scrub, it exfoliates and adds firmness to the skin. Natural contouring with gingko and fruit acids that gives you the naturally beautiful look.


Apply Body Contouring Crème with your fingertips on problem areas with gentle upward strokes.


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